Dota 2 SteamWebAPI C# .NET

Hello dear friends, since my first post on Reddit I have learned a lot!!! My code for the Dota 2 tool is now on github and I wanted to share some of the progress I have made since I have uploaded it there. The tool now supports these features:

  • GetMatchHistory
    • This provides the latest 100 matches with a lot of the information parsed and reformatted to make sense
  • GetHeroes
    • This method grabs the latest heroes
  • GetMatchDetails [WIP]
    • This method grabs an individual match detail including player information as well as build details

Here is a bit of the output for GetMatchDetails

and here is  a sample output of GetMatchHistory:

As of now, I am only storing this data in memory but once I complete most of the these methods, I will move onto the data store phase. Currently I am leaning towards Microsoft SQL but that might not be the best approach for a long term solution. My end goal would be to keep storing data and allowing our users to use this as a database…similar to DotaBuff but hoping I could keep it free.

Stay tuned for more guides in this series!

You can find the guides here:

If you wish to contribute or see what the code looks like, check out my project on GitHub

4 thoughts on “Dota 2 SteamWebAPI C# .NET”

    1. Hey Boris, sorry for the late reply. I uploaded the missing file, I have no idea how that happened 😐
      Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with, thanks man!

      1. Hi, i saw that you uploaded it. Sorry i’m little busy at this week so i can’t check works it or not right now. I want to use your lib in some kind of dataming (after some refactoring) but i’ll start it on the next week. You may close the issue btw.

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