How to install ownCloud on Ubuntu 14.10 using Hyper-V Part 1 of 3

The virtualization platform that will be used in this project will be Windows Server 2012r2 Hyper-V and the linux distro that I will be using is Ubuntu Server 14.10.

Here are the steps to getting this virtual machine created

Open up Hyper-V console and create a new Virtual Machine, I named mine AppLinux because I plan to install other applications (plex, subsonic, etc) at a later time.

I opted to use Gen2 because I wanted all of the features, most likely we will not be using most of them but I figure this would be a good learning experience.

I want to give this virtual machine a fixed set of memory to use, based on your servers capacity you could tweak the number around to give better performance. If at all possible, do not use dynamic memory because you do not want to run into a scenario in which this VM will require memory but it is tied up elsewhere!

On the next page, select the virtual switch that you would like to use for this machine. (I left this portion out on purpose because I did not want to introduce any network connectivity issues for my other VMs)

Make sure to store your VHD file in a location where there is enough space, my VHD size is 500gb and set to be a dynamic disk. However, I did notice that even though my disk type was set to dynamic, that during the paritioning phase of the install the VHD grows to its max size even though it shouldn’t. So to reduce any headaches, I know that I can afford 500gb of space on my drives so that’s all I assign it. You can always expand the vhdx at a later time and then resize the partition in the OS.

On the next page locate your Ubuntu 14.10 .iso file and click finish

This is the end of part 1 of this guide, next guide will walk you through the installation process of the OS and then we will start loading up ownCloud and customizing it to our liking.

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