Advertising on the site

I wanted to inform my visitors that I have accepted a new advertiser and it is Private Internet Access (PIA). Before recommending a product I do my best to test and actively use it for a lengthy period of time and PIA has been through its fare share of use.

PIA is a VPN service provider, using there servers (which are located globally) you can stay anonymous while still browsing the web at full speeds. The only time I have had issues was when I was playing online multiplayer games and I forgot that PIA was still connected, this was the reason I lost so bad (and I swear, I am not a bad player! :p)

Anyways, PIA delivers on there promise, they do not store any logs nor history of usage. They simply put a layer between you and the rest of the world, keeping you nice and safe.

If you want your product advertised on this blog, please reach out to me (by comment) and I will work closely with you to determine if your product is appropriate for my audience.