Remote Desktop Session Auditor – Find out who’s been on your server!

UPDATE *Fixed download link 11/14/17*

In v0.2 you can now filter based on IP version by using the “-v” switch. I will add links to both version as this still requires a little bit of testing.


Finally a cool breeze and some alone time, here is a tool I wrote up because I had a need to track down and audit multiple remote servers to determine who has been logging in and from where. The tool output’s to the command prompt, you can use a “>” operator and output to file if necessary…see below for example.

The usage is fairly simple and it can be used both in interactive mode and can be ran using command line arguments.

Interactive Mode:

Double click the exe and it will ask you for the target hostname or if you do not provide a hostname, tool will check the local host.

CLI Mode:


Output to file:




The tool has been tested against Server 2008/2008r2/SBS2011/Server2012/Server2012r2/Windows 7/8/8.1 (452 downloads)

13 thoughts on “Remote Desktop Session Auditor – Find out who’s been on your server!”

    1. As far as the tool parsing and displaying ipv4 vs ipv6 addreses, no. I could definitely add this feature but I also think it is possible using “findstr” and using regular expressions.

    1. Sorry I broke the download links while migrating the site to my new host, I’ll see if I can fix this….

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