New Chat Feature! *UPDATE* Now on irc FreeNode #uglyvpn

Ok guys, I think I might have to default and go old skool with irc.

I can be found on FreeNode at the #uglyvpn channel, here is my attempt at adding a chat feature to this post…ideally you will want to get a client (I am using xchat)


Channel: #uglyvpn

Hello all, I had a huge durp moment when it finally clicked that I was running this on WordPress! I completely forgot that WP has plugins and one of them is a chat one, just what I need.

I’m usually around 6-7pm PST, feel free to leave a message!

On the bottom right of your screen you should see a blue button that says “Click here to chat!”

Help test Hyper-v Tools v1.7 BETA

Please let me know if you can assist in debugging and I can send you an invite to a private chat room.

Hello all, I could use some help with testing out the new version. I have tried it with all of the hardware I have and so far things are running with no issues. This is a beta version (although the entire product should be considered beta as I am still writing it out) and can be downloaded below.


  • Support for Server 2008/Windows10 is now working (not 100% confident, need help testing against all versions)
  • Added local host support (if local machine is the VM host, it should load with no issues)
  • Multi-server support added
    • Double click the hostname box to enter credentials and select your server list (1 server per line).
  • Added more logging (still not liking how I am doing this, will most likely revamp logging on official release)

My hopes are that I get confirmation from you lovely people that things are working better than before and from there I will start adding in support for other things (SCVMM, Clusters, etc).

Does anyone know of a good way to chat in real time? Maybe we can start up a chat group so that I can actively fix issues in real time with you guys?