Help test Hyper-v Tools v1.7 BETA

Please let me know if you can assist in debugging and I can send you an invite to a private chat room.

Hello all, I could use some help with testing out the new version. I have tried it with all of the hardware I have and so far things are running with no issues. This is a beta version (although the entire product should be considered beta as I am still writing it out) and can be downloaded below.


  • Support for Server 2008/Windows10 is now working (not 100% confident, need help testing against all versions)
  • Added local host support (if local machine is the VM host, it should load with no issues)
  • Multi-server support added
    • Double click the hostname box to enter credentials and select your server list (1 server per line).
  • Added more logging (still not liking how I am doing this, will most likely revamp logging on official release)

My hopes are that I get confirmation from you lovely people that things are working better than before and from there I will start adding in support for other things (SCVMM, Clusters, etc).

Does anyone know of a good way to chat in real time? Maybe we can start up a chat group so that I can actively fix issues in real time with you guys?

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    1. Sweet! Thank you! I need to figure out some sort of chat program that I could use so we can talk real time…maybe IRC?

  1. Tested on 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012R2. Failed to detect dns name on all. Failed to detect Heartbeat on all. Enabled Default displays ok though. Not displaying attached vhd and associated info for 2008R2. Not displaying attached vhd and associated info for some VM’s on 2012.

  2. You can use Slack. It is a web based chat service that can be used from the browser or client programs. You can instantly setup a team and assign members to the team by entering their email addresses. There are 2 versions, basic for free and advanced which costs a fee and offers additional features. If you do not want to write your private email, use alternative email providers or a one way email address for setting up slack. Setup is as simple as entering your email address and assign your team a name, e.g. hypervtool.

    Best regards

      1. Hello rougepacket

        I am not a Windows user and cannot help test the Hyper-V Tools. I have found your tools because I was researching automation possiblities for a project.

        Best regards

      1. Unfortunately it is impossible to create a public room. Interested people have to send in an email address where you can send a invitation to.
        For public rooms you should public chat systems like IRC.


        1. But you can define default chat rooms that are available to all users after they logged in. Every slack account has one predefined public chat room. You can rename it in the settings.


  3. Hello,
    tested on Window7 against Windows2012 R2 STD with hyperv.
    Working, but no IP address found for VMs.
    No DNS found either.

    Virtual Switch tab is empty, but I suspect colleague didn’t set them up


    1. The IP addresses will only be found if the VM is a Windows machine :-/, same deal for DNS as I am extracting this from KVP that the Hyper-V host is aware of. These operations do not go out to the VM itself to gather this detail, maybe I should add that functionality once I can fix some of these major bugs.

      Can you try one thing, run the tool as administrator and see if that helps in gathering those extra few details. v1.7 is meant for testing so I left some features out (virtual switches, hard drive info).

      Thanks for testing for me, very much appreciated.

  4. Awesome tool, thanks very much! Dont know why there is great Hyper V audit and reporting scripts available for server 2012/r2 but very few good ones for 2008/r2?

    Your tool does’nt seem to report on total and free disk space on the host server hosting the VM’s though? Any chance you can add this functionality?

    Best Regards,


    1. You know what, that is the one feature that I always wanted whenever I saw these types of tools and for some odd reason…I didn’t add it. I’ll be sure to add it to the next iteration. Thanks for bringing this up!

    1. I will do my best to set some time aside this coming month to work on this tool, looks like the interest is growing and I’m sluffing big time. Sorry for that, life has gotten pretty busy recently.

  5. Hi.
    I just downloaded the latest beta. Unfortuntately I will only be able to start working with it on 2nd January – even though I try to find a test HyperV setup earlier.
    I have to write a powershell – base script to retrieve VM and host information for processing. A similar script already exists for VMWare using RVTools.
    I am really looking forward to test HyperV Tools.
    PS: send me an invite to the chat.
    PPS: I like your site name, uglyVPN. Grand 🙂

    1. Hey Reinhard, thanks for visiting. Its been super difficult to get someone on chat that could help me work out the kinks in this tool, in my testing I haven’t had any issues (mainly because I fixed them) but there are a ton of bugs still out there that you guys are experiencing.

      I’m trying to find the best platform for chat and defaulted to iRC, I made a posting about it here and all you have to do is pop in a username and hit connect:

      Actually, lets use the WordPress chat plugin. If you are at the main page of the site, look on the bottom right corner for a chat button.

      I am “rougepacket”.

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