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Sorry Guys

Sorry for all the downtime, I recently moved over to my own VPS which is hosted by VULTR (pretty decent so far) but I am on the lowest tier with limited memory, was hoping to do all of this for cheap but I just might have to upgrade due to fail2ban using up majority of the resources.


HyperVTools v1.8 released with “Login As Current User”

Please note that the current version 1.7 will not auto update to this, please download using link below.

HyperVTools v1.8 06/30/17

Log on as local user

Minor update and feature add, see below for release notes:

  • Added feature to use currently logged in users credential when getting VM info
  • Server list feature also update to use currently logged on user when prompted, remember to double click the Host name text box to bring up the server list feature.
  • Command line also updated to include this and also new switch (-l for “LoginAsCurrentUser”), please see below for example
    • EXAMPLE: HyperVTools.exe -l -o C:\temp\vmh-003.csv -h vmh-003
      • -l = Login As Current User
      • -o = Output file path
      • -h = Hyper-V Hostname
      • -u = Username
      • -p = Password
      • -d = Domain (1297 downloads)

HyperVTools 1.7 Preview

Here is a little preview of the new version, super sorry that it has taken me so long to work on this. I need to add in a few more checks for input validation before I release it to the public but if you’re interested in testing give me a shout and I can send you a link.

1.7 Update

  • Local host support added
  • Multiple support added (double click the hostname textbox to start the process)
  • Correct VHD size info and trimmed things back so that they’re readable
  • New Host Disk tab which displays host disks details
  • More logging
  • More bug fixes
  • “Some” code clean up – lots of work to do still
  • A lot more that I forgot at this point!

There is still a lot of work to do, I need to now think of how to work with clusters and also there is a possibility of SCVMM support.

New Chat Feature! *UPDATE* Now on irc FreeNode #uglyvpn

Ok guys, I think I might have to default and go old skool with irc.

I can be found on FreeNode at the #uglyvpn channel, here is my attempt at adding a chat feature to this post…ideally you will want to get a client (I am using xchat)


Channel: #uglyvpn

Hello all, I had a huge durp moment when it finally clicked that I was running this on WordPress! I completely forgot that WP has plugins and one of them is a chat one, just what I need.

I’m usually around 6-7pm PST, feel free to leave a message!

On the bottom right of your screen you should see a blue button that says “Click here to chat!”

Help test Hyper-v Tools v1.7 BETA

Please let me know if you can assist in debugging and I can send you an invite to a private chat room.

Hello all, I could use some help with testing out the new version. I have tried it with all of the hardware I have and so far things are running with no issues. This is a beta version (although the entire product should be considered beta as I am still writing it out) and can be downloaded below.


  • Support for Server 2008/Windows10 is now working (not 100% confident, need help testing against all versions)
  • Added local host support (if local machine is the VM host, it should load with no issues)
  • Multi-server support added
    • Double click the hostname box to enter credentials and select your server list (1 server per line).
  • Added more logging (still not liking how I am doing this, will most likely revamp logging on official release)

My hopes are that I get confirmation from you lovely people that things are working better than before and from there I will start adding in support for other things (SCVMM, Clusters, etc).

Does anyone know of a good way to chat in real time? Maybe we can start up a chat group so that I can actively fix issues in real time with you guys?


HyperVTools v1.5 is out in the wild

Hello friends, I wanted to give you a heads up that v1.5 is now available for use. Although the change log is very minimal, in reality there was a lot of refactoring code that took place and with it comes even better compatibility with Windows Server 2008/2008r2.

As I get further into development of this utility, I am a starting to realize how unprofessional it might look and feel. As a solution I am working on a better interface and although I do not have a prototype that I can share at this moment, let me tell you that it is coming along very well and surprisingly it is looking pretty slick….at least to me 🙂

As always, thank you for visiting and see you next time!

Dota 2 SteamWebAPI C# .NET

Hello dear friends, since my first post on Reddit I have learned a lot!!! My code for the Dota 2 tool is now on github and I wanted to share some of the progress I have made since I have uploaded it there. The tool now supports these features:

  • GetMatchHistory
    • This provides the latest 100 matches with a lot of the information parsed and reformatted to make sense
  • GetHeroes
    • This method grabs the latest heroes
  • GetMatchDetails [WIP]
    • This method grabs an individual match detail including player information as well as build details

Here is a bit of the output for GetMatchDetails

and here is  a sample output of GetMatchHistory:

As of now, I am only storing this data in memory but once I complete most of the these methods, I will move onto the data store phase. Currently I am leaning towards Microsoft SQL but that might not be the best approach for a long term solution. My end goal would be to keep storing data and allowing our users to use this as a database…similar to DotaBuff but hoping I could keep it free.

Stay tuned for more guides in this series!

You can find the guides here:

If you wish to contribute or see what the code looks like, check out my project on GitHub

Dota 2 .Net C# Tool pt2

Welcome back! Today I will go over some code on how to get match details and also how to cleanup some of the text that we have. Assuming that you have been following along with the previous post, I will be using those classes and code in this part as well.

Let us first start by getting the latest matches, this will allow us to set the foundation for a later time when we want to query for a match in particular. Start by creating a class that will hold our match details

(classes were generated using json2csharp:

Now that we have our class created, lets get a few other methods in place which are used at a later time.

Since heroes are being added at certain times of the year, I wanted to have a somewhat generic method to pull up names based off of there index number. Thsi is my way of doing just that, this method expects a list of heroes (see part 1 of this tutorial) and then it maps the hero found in a match to one in the list.

And here is the method to get the latest 500 matches

And here are some helper methods

Once you have all of these things in place, usage is:

That is it for part 2 of this guide in this series, next step for me is to go back and do a bunch of code cleanup before I start publishing more content.

ps. I wanted to give you guys some background about me, I am a engineer by trade and I work primarily in infrastructure management. All of my coding experience is self taught, I wish I could have gone to school for this because I feel like it might be my calling but I understand that I have a lot to learn. So with that being said, please take the advice/tips that are given here with a grain of salt and do some of your own research. One day I do hope to be a master in programming but even a master fails many many times. My goal is to work together with the people of the internet and create something beautiful out of this project but I understand that it will take time to get there. Good luck with the coding guys and drop by soon for the next iteration in this series!