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Dota 2 items.txt/npc_abilities.txt to xml/json tool v1.1 (Updated 03-02-15)

UPDATE 03-02-15

  • Added support for npc_abilities.txt file

Here is a tool that I wrote because I needed a method to get all the latest items so I could display more details for matches for my main project. Tool is pretty straight forward, open and select your items.txt/npc_abilities.txt file (see vpk extract) and it will show you what it was able to parse.

parse the items.txt file to xml or even json!
parse the items.txt file to xml or even json!

If interested, you can save a copy in both json and XML format. I need to add comments into my source and modify a few things but I will upload that over to github and share link when ready.


I am looking for someone who enjoys designing user interfaces for both windows applications and web sites. If you are interested in making some cool things, please get in touch with me! This is something that I do on the side and mainly because I love the game so I have nothing to offer except show your work to as many people that I can.